A few thoughts on various aspects of the paranormal:

Hallucinations and Ghost Sightings
A look at one possible explanation for some ghost sightings that draws on my personal experiences.

Dumbing Down Death Penalty History
How a ghost tour business dumbed down the centenary of the abolition of capital punishment in Queensland with made-up ghost stories.

The Historical Suffering of the Mentally Ill is Not a Freakshow
What is the motivation behind a ghost tour company's demands to use a former mental health institution?

Aliens Are Not History: The Credulousness and Despair of our Times
Why does the so-called 'History Channel' insist on showing hours of pseudo-scientific nonsense?

My Night Alone in a Boggo Road Cellblock
What happened when I spent a night alone in a Boggo Road cellblock?

My Evolving Attitude to Ghost Hunting
Some thoughts on attitudes towards Queensland 'ghost hunting' over the years.

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