Hunting the Hunters

There are many 'ghost hunters' (or 'paranormal investigators' as some like to be known) out there, but these teams tend to conform to a narrow, formulaic cultural model of what a ghost hunting unit should look like. There is a real colour-by-numbers approach, with little genuine difference between the various teams seen on TV. Personalities differ, but it still tend to be bro's hanging in stereotypically spooky places at night with the same gadgets. Sometimes in larger teams the various members are awarded grandiose-sounding titles of 'technician' or 'specialist'.

My own take on the general state of the 'paranormal investigating' field at the moment is that there is a crushing lack of originality and imagination, the equipment is bogus, the choice of locations sometimes unethical, and there seems to be more interest in the unedifying competitive scramble to get a TV show than there is in actually doing new thinking on the subject.

Should Ghost-Hunting be Banned?
More specifically, should commercial ‘ghost hunting’ be banned? This article looks at the question from a scientific and ethical viewpoint.

Kentucky Fried Ghost-Hunts at Boggo Road
Can 'ghost hunts' in places where recent deaths in custody took place be respectful? And should the state government approve them?

'They Don't Know What Death Is': Ghost Hunting at a Suicide Scene
Responses to the Boggo Road ghost hunts from those with a personal connection to the deceased.

'Haunting Australia' (...and Also Your Wallet)
Color-by-numbers 'paranormal investigators' TV show fails to show originality and intelligence.

History and Ghost Hunting
Does the 'historian' really have a place in paranormal investigation teams.

(Please Don't Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
A teddy bear that starts flashing lights and talking to ghosts to indicate there is a ghost to room? New silliness from the ghost-hunting industry.

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