Ghosts Busted

I have busted several ghost stories in my time, along with a fair bit of local 'fakelore'. These cases are listed below.

Fakelore is essentially 'inauthentic, manufactured folklore presented as if it were genuinely traditional.' It can be applied to some ghost stories, especially in the intersection between the paranormal industry and capitalism, because when ghosts become a commodity, there is a commercial incentive to manufacture more of them.

As a historian, I am quite alert to these fake stories. Two aspects of history that I have researched in some depth are prisons and cemeteries, which also happen to be favoured haunts of the paranormal industry. It is perhaps the professional historian's duty to counter what they believe to be 'incorrect' historical information with reasoned argument and facts - as the following (real) complaint from the owner of Brisbane 'Ghost Tours' about my work shows:
'Several stories were clearly directed at undermining old ghost stories of the cemetery with historical 'facts'.'
The following articles highlight cases where I have sought to correct the record. There are also several more cases from other sources.

Busting Brisbane's Biggest Ghost Lie
Brisbane as the 'world's second most haunted city'? The timeline of marketing spin exposes some fundamental dishonesty.

Citation Needed: Evil-Clown Fakelore in Brisbane
Another case of fakelore is exposed in Brisbane, this one involving a non-existent 'urban legend' about an 'evil clown'.

Is Toowoomba the Most Haunted City in Australia?
A critical look at more 'most haunted' shenanigans, this time from Toowoomba, Queensland.

The Exorcism of Ernest Austin's Phoney Phantom
The exposure of a dubious Boggo Road ghost story.

Horrible History and the Plough Inn Ghost Mystery
A look at how a a ghost story associated with Brisbane's 'Plough Inn' gets all the facts wrong.

The Woman in Black: Solving the Mystery of a Vanishing Ghost
How the sudden disappearance of a story from a cemetery 'ghost tour' raises questions about its original authenticity.

The Ghost That Haunted South Brisbane Cemetery... From 1,000 Miles Away
How a ghost tour company responded to the exposure of a marketing lie.

The Mysterious Case of the 'Ghost of Gallipoli'
A textbook example of how paranormal believers jump to conclusions and spread false 'evidence' for ghosts.

History Gets the Finger at the Old Printing Office
A story told on a ghost tour about a historical incident that apparently never happened.

And from other websites,..

The Rosewood Hotel - a tale of 3 supposed ghosts & 1 massive bum steer
(Haunts of Brisbane)

In the bowels of the Bridge: a Brisbane haunting lost to progress
(Haunts of Brisbane)

Fighting Local Pseudohistory: The Case Against Ghost Tours
(Hellhound's Howl)

(Haunts of Brisbane)

An exposé of the unusually 'recent provenance' of some ghost stories about this cemetery. (Courier-Mail)

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