Bad-Spirited People

When I criticise the content of ghost stories or the methods of ghost-hunters, that's generally my opinion and it can be debated. There is, however, a darker side to the 'paranormal industry' that is a result of it having no professional standards, no qualifications or experience requirements, and no peak body to regulate behaviour. I'm talking about the cut-throat and nasty competitive attitude of some of the people operating in it. The right and wrong of some of the behaviour I have witnessed is not open to debate - it is simply unacceptable.

Inter-group rivalry can get downright malicious, but is usually fought out with online gossip, innuendo, and snark attacks. Businesses are also usually at each other's throats. Accusations fly about stolen material and territory. Sometimes it gets to the stage of legal threats and police or court intervention. I have been on the receiving end of this behaviour, and know of a few others who have had the same experience. What I learned was that this behaviour thrives in the shadows, but usually dies in the sunlight of public exposure. It's not something I enjoy writing about, but it is effective.

Here are a few examples. I'm really hoping this page doesn't get any bigger...

What's in a Business Name? Not a Lot, Apparently
A rather strange case of petty malice from a paranormal operator towards a local history group on the other side of the country.

Nobody is Going to Sue You For Sharing a Story...
An attempt to privatise history and folklore, and the kind of threats that can follow.

Destroy All Your Books... Or Else: When Small Business Attacks Historical Societies
The shocking story behind a 'ghost tours' business' baseless threats against a respected community group.

The Sad Case of the Belanglo Forest Ghost Tours
Goulburn Ghost Tours sparked controversy with their unethical ghost tours about Ivan Milat's murder victims.

Hobart Paranormalists Harass a Pensioner
A Tasmanian ghost tours operation ignores a homeowner's requests for privacy and respect.

Ghost Hunts, Charlatans, and 'Pyschopathic Liars'
An expose on the types of people in the unregulated 'paranormal industry' of ghost hunts and ghost tours in Queensland.

Ghost tour's slur on Gold Coast icon Sir Bruce Small
Family and friends complain about disrespectful content on a ghost tour (News Mail)

The Archerfield ghost: why compile your own material when you can steal someone else's?
(Haunts of Brisbane)

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