Saturday, 12 November 2016

Tasmanian Paranormalists Harass a Pensioner

Sometimes paranormalists do bad History, sometimes they do bad Science, and sometimes they engage in malicious behaviour. This article is about the latter.

There are good people involved in the paranormal industry, but a lack of regulations and oversight means that anybody can set up shop, including people who have not yet developed a basic sense of empathy and maturity. I recently learned of some pretty poor conduct by a ghost tour operator down in Tasmania.* The story here involves a pensioner who lived in an old heritage-listed cottage in Launceston for at least 40 years, and possibly more. She raised her family there and it's the kind of home a person becomes emotionally attached to.

Problems started a few years back when a local ghost tour operator began making tour stops outside her home and telling the customers that it was haunted. It is the kind of building that could easily be passed off as being haunted simply because it is so old and has 'the look'. But the homeowner did not want these people congregating outside her cottage, especially as she had lived there for decades without having a single 'spooky' experience. Her home was clearly not 'haunted'.

She politely asked the ghost tour people to stop coming to her home. Unbelievably, they ignored the wishes of an old lady who just wanted to be left alone, and they kept coming back. Her rather hilarious response was to place a large illuminated smiley face outside the cottage for tour nights, a tacky decoration that was described to me as being the 'kind of thing you might see in a Chinese restaurant'.

Apparently the ghost tour people did not like this disruption to the 'atmosphere' of their tour and so they wrote to the Tasmanian heritage department, claiming that the smiley face was against heritage guidelines, or something. Of course this complaint was knocked back.

I am left wondering just what is wrong with these people. I have seen this same grubby attitude displayed before, with a ghost tour operator ignoring the heartfelt pleas of people to stop telling ridiculous ghost stories about a murdered family member. It is bad enough that the stories they tell aren't even true, but to actively dismiss at the feelings of people who just want to be left alone in their home, or who want to feel that a loved one is resting in peace, is beyond the pale.

I don't know exactly who these Tasmanian ghost tour clowns are, but they have displayed a real lack of ethics in this case. I would welcome any feedback on who these people are and further details on their operations.

Update: Unfortunately the homeowner mentioned in this article has since passed away. She showed patience and humour in the face of harassment, and I hope she rests in peace.

* An earlier version of this story mistakenly placed this incident in Hobart instead of Launceston.

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